SEPC Ltd., invites established vendors with proven track record in quality, cost and delivery. Cost effective and reliable vendors are essential to sustain our corporate vision of competitive leadership, technical excellence and world class quality.

Your registration information will be kept confidential.

In the online Registration form, apart from other details furnished by you, you will need to provide your Email Id and Password. The email id and password provided by you during registration will be used by you to login to the Registered Vendors page in case you need to update your profile or add/delete products to your existing registration form in the future.

Where can I find the Vendor Registration Form on this website?

Vendors can register directly on this website. Click on "Vendor Registration" available in this section

How do I apply for fresh registration (for New Vendors)/ OR Addition of more products for Existing Vendors?

  • New Vendors need to Click on "New Vendors" available in the Vendors section of this website.
  • You can also Register by applying for a hard copy of the registration form from:
  • The General Manager (Purchase), SEPC Ltd., 18/3, 4th Floor, Sigappi Achi Building, Rukmini Lakshmipathi Salai, (Marshalls Road), Egmore, Chennai 600 008, Tamil Nadu
  • Completed Vendor Registration Forms along with the required supporting enclosures need to be sent to:
  • The General Manager (Purchase), SEPC Ltd., 18/3, 4th Floor, Sigappi Achi Building, Rukmini Lakshmipathi Salai, (Marshalls Road), Egmore, Chennai 600 008, Tamil Nadu

How do Existing Vendors Add/delete products or edit their profile

Existing vendors need to click on "Registered Vendors" in the Vendors Section of this website to update their earlier registration form. Updated forms will have to be resubmitted for addition/deletion of products or change in profile.

What are the charges for Vendor Registrations?

The registration is ABSOLUTELY FREE and no charges are payable.

Are only manufacturers eligible for registration?

We encourage registration of original manufacturers for registration. However, authorized stockist, dealers, traders of standard products can also be considered for registration.

Does registration automatically mean that all relevant enquiries will be issued to all registered vendors?

No. Registration does not mean automatic issue of enquiries. Shriram EPC reserves the right to select vendors in each case for issue of enquiries. However, efforts are made to give chance to registered vendors to participate in our Procurement process.

The registration will be valid for how many years?

The registration shall be for a period of three (3) years from the date of registration for new Vendors and fresh set of application shall be submitted for re-registration.

Rejection of Registration forms ?

Any application found not suitable, and products offered by the vendor are not in the procurement, requirement list. Shriram EPC will not consider them for registration and wil try to intimate such rejections.

Any Purchase Preference for existing vendors than new vendors?

Shriram EPC will treat all vendors equally. But the highly performed vendors in terms of cost, delivery, Quality etc will be given more preference for ordering.

How does Shriram EPC rate the vendors supply performance?

Vendors shall be rated based on their supplies performance for Cost, delivery, quality rejections, after sales and service for each order and would grade them for every year ie. Grade A, B, C, D.